Euglena: The entrance quiz

The euglena company was trying to solve world's food & energy shortage problems by developing various euglena products. However, in Japan, nobody knew about the big potential of euglena and, to make things worse, many Japanese misunderstood euglena as a"worm," like this, as its Japanese name is "green worm." As a result, Euglena was considered to be a weird company that makes Food and fuels out of worms. To correct this wrong perception, we've placed a special device called "the entrance quiz", at the front desk of the company.

Sound Design: Atsushi Shimomura / Sosa Co.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Directors: Yoji Sakamoto, Yoshikatsu Miyasaka, Norihito Sako, Satoshi Takasugi, Hirofumi Hayashi, Kazuki Tsuburaku
Producer / Technical Director: Yugo Tonegi
Designer: Daisuke obana
Director: Keiiu Okuhira / Flag

August 2012


the_lizard_king's picture
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Media, Clients and lunch delivery boys... All these effort to educate 3000 people (I take that with a pinch of salt)??? Effective or a genuine solution??? I don't know But a good effort none the less. Please tell me if the target was to educate Media, Clients and lunch delivery boys.

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

ragazzi's picture
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6 creative directors for that? really?

iLyrica's picture
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This was actually a very interesting way to educate people about something that they didn't fully understand! This was creative as it was inventive and knowledgeable.

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