Inequality Court's

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June 2017

There is a latent inequality between female and male athletes. ESPMW decided to bring this debate to websites, newspapers and sports fans, including athletes in a very visible way: in the courts. Having this in mind, we turned different sports courts into gender inequality graphics in sports. Making use of the natural divisions found in each sports court we painted them blue and a small space pink. In the corner of the courts, we placed the message highlighting gender inequality in sports.

E.g.: tennis court: blue (the largest portion) – tournaments that pay bigger prizes to men.

Pink (only a small square) – tournaments that pay equal prizes to men and women.

The idea was executed electronically during ESPN’s broadcasting of women’s sports. In parallel, the project took place in real courts in parks, gymnasiums, and clubs. Then, the “Inequality Courts” were photographed and turned into posters and print ads.

Ambient advertisment created by Africa, Brazil for ESPNW, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Africa, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Sérgio Gordilho
Art Director / Illustrator: Bill Queirogao
Copywriter: Guzera
Photographer: Raoni Madaalena

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I like the simple idea.

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Nice and simple.

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I like the simple idea.

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Wrong Opinion
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I agree with others, simple and effective

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Ver nice.