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i give the creatives credit for trying to make something happen for themselves. i'm sure that's what this is. no need to knock the agency. it's just someone making something to get people in the real world to notice and be "into" advertising. nothing wrong with that.

here's how i think it could have been better:
1. where is the ad taking place? i assume a laundry mat but there's nothing to indicate how this thing worked. maybe a little set-up of what you did would be good. "we placed random socks in laundrymats and on the lost/found boards etc."
2. what is that red thing? is it a red sweater? i assumed a sock because of the team name but it's hard to tell. maybe it would be simpler on one red sock.
3. maybe the idea is bigger if red socks are placed around la in more places than just laundry mats because boston's loss is la's gain. 4. (and this is a small detail) maybe instead of just the espn logo, a listing on the back of the of baseball games on espn in the la area would be nice and make it more authentic to sports fans.

maybe my comments don't help. maybe they do. either way, the idea seems like it could lead to bigger things like promotions at the game etc.