ESPM/RJ: Chainsaw

The math is simple, more paper, less trees.

While removing the paper from the dispenser you hear the sound of a chainsaws.

Advertising Agency: Staff, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Paulo Castro
Art Directors: Guilherme Cunha, Oswaldo Luiz
Copywriters: Lucas Cassol, Iuren Alves
Additional credits: Technical Support - Wilson Azand
Published: March 2010


Spoonfeederxxx's picture
641 pencils

Thought provoking, but not impactful enough...

The problem is you spend lots of time and money and printing (ecologically not viable) to reach such a small market...

Strategically it's ironic...

MJStinson77's picture
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@ spoon - interesting comment. Strategically ironic... I like that. I like the concept, get them where they understand and can regulate usage. I like the simple addition of noise to accompany the message, giving it a little more punch. But I'm not sure the message and the noise go together. I wish they were more directly related to one another. That the line had something to do with the chainsaw, or that the noise had a more direct correlation to math. Maybe I'm just being too picky. It would get my attention though! | | wordjones

brandingworthspreading's picture
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I don't think it fits well. It's a bit forced.

Luis Maram's picture
Luis Maram
252 pencils

Of course it works ... but like many of the social messages, is manipulative and therefore inefficient

Manish Sharma's picture
Manish Sharma
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Something is better than nothing.

hufflepoff's picture
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It answers the brief well. I like this.

mike11's picture
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... Because everyone knows that once trees are gone they can never be replaced. What do people think paper grows on trees or something? A decent execution of a stupid brief. Next.

Anne86's picture
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I like this, especially copy!

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