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this is very clever. i'd probably be too busy staring at the images that i'd trip off the escalator.

DarkSide's picture
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Good idea (not genious), but when seen in action i believe that the slow speed of the escalator will be a turnoff

B128's picture
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I agree that slow speed might kill the excitement. Interesting though...

Slashh's picture
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"Have fun?" Thanks for reminding me. I love this idea but has anyone noticed that a lot of these great visual ideas have really lazy lines? I understand that a lot of them either require very straight forward copy or no line at all, but if you're gonna write something, shouldn't it at least avoid being...lame?

Guest's picture

I agree that the line is kind of lazy, but I think there is a bit of a translation problem here. "Divirta-se" in portuguese does mean "have fun," literally, but the sentence feels different when I read it in English and when I read it in Portuguese. I would have said "Go have fun at Hopi Hari's rollercoster." Maybe I'm wrong, but it's just how I felt.

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good ambient.


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that's here in Brazil, not in Asia.

there's one in the subways too.

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Oh, sorry!

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Cool idea, but undersells the experience a tad, don't you think?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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fun idea.

Saltsea's picture
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Horrible and extra-weak.

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QG Propaganda

Creatives: Tchelo Nogueira/ Marcelo D'elboux / Rodolfo Barreto
Creative Director: Sérgio Lopes / Paulo André Bione

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1) Con gente en la escalera no lo ves, si vas en la escalera menos
2) a la velocidad normal de la escalera resultaria la montaña rusa mas lenta del mundo


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Besides, its going down, nobody would see it unless it were going up. But then the pictures don't work. Dumb application of a good ambient media resource.


kandi's picture
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agreed. Super dumb.

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You almost did something really great.

jian's picture
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Awesome. Great placement.

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FIRST: It's a really really really slooooooow rollercoaster.

SECONDLY: It's a really really really sloooooow rollercoaster that rolls backwards, with your back facing the front! Boring!

THIRDLY: This medium is not possible since there's grooves on the steps and it's not possible to apply stickers or drawing onto the sides.

LASTLY: Bad photoshopping since they missed out the grooves. Maybe it's intentional so that the full image is visible....but then it makes the photoshopping done badly.

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What the Hell
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doesn't work > too slow > try the elevator

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Looks a bit creepy when the hands slip down the crack at the end...

Like the mangled welly ad in the UK back in the '80s

It's only an ad.

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Who said it is going down?
Since the message and the brand are facing the up side of the escalator, i believe (and i am pretty sure of it) it is going up!
Although I agree it might be too slow for a rollercoaster.

A. J. SMITH's picture
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Good point, I didn't even think of it as going up.

I'm a moron.

and in that case it works!

It's only an ad.

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Like the idea but has subtle similarities to a child charity ad I've seen on an escalator with faces of sad children disappearing under the steps as the escalator moves. Can't find a link but the line was something like 'children disappear every day.' or 'Don't let children fall between the cracks' and a message about poverty or child abuse. Think it was for NAPCAN or Barnados or similar.

I know it's a different client (and their's is happy, the kid's one was sad) but they're using a similar premise and using the media the same way with faces on moving steps.


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Clever idea. Abismal execution.

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