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this is nice movement and good use of the medium...

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Nobody knows what ESCALA is. And is not like Clients are going to write the new address down. I like the media, I just dont like the product for this media.

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As Mr.Top said, nobody knows what ESCALA is...!

Design with no knowledge about printing, it's not design!

>>> Designed to be signed...

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Here in Porto Alegre (Brazil), where this took place, Escala is one of the biggest ad agencies. Needless to say that, besides Mr. Top information, people do know what Escala is.

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In fact, Escala is one of Brazil`s biggest agencies. And the adress is very simple. It`s one of Porto Alegre`s main avenues. It`s like saying a big frech angency is moving to Champs Elysée. I know it`s not known worldwide like Champs Elysée but this is the kind of think that anyone can guess. If you overcome the cultural distance you`ll see this is a good pieace of work.

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