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Juan Carlos Jav...
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IM loving it!!!!

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ming the merciless
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Was done for Mini convertible by Colenso BBDO in Auckland, New Zealand in (2005 I think)

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I didn't want to be the first to comment, but I have to admit, this is the best ambient of the year in my book.

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This is an excellent example of customer approach. Its simply great.

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that's friggen dope guys. do they even get sun in sweden?

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Marshall Mc Luhan Rocks!!!

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It's so bloody simple. One of those 'Doh, wish I had done it' ideas.

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nice one.

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Hey! All of you! Answer to me: How much people read a magazine in a beach under the sun? The ad seems not to work very well considering this, or not? What happens if I see the ad on a bus, or in my house? Think about it.

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Hey you!! Listen to ME!!! I tell you:
Did you ever think of this ad being published in the summer editions of magazines? In August a lot of people go to the beaches, you know. People may even read a magazines on a sunny day having lunch in the park. Even in the bus you can enjoy a little sun on your face and if your house has a balcony or a garden you even try it there. Think about it.

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the sixth in droga5
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Pabloatw, that's solvable. Just put 'how to use' instructions in small print on the bottom of the ad.

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That would definitely make this good idea great.

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this is hands-down the best "innovative" print ad i've ever seen.

If you guys have seen a better one....PLEASE POST IT HERE -->

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Magic. Haven't seen an idea like that in a long time. Waitin' to be done - done by pure genius. That's timeless.

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The only thing that would have made it better is if they put a little sample pack of the sunscreen there. No one wants to associate the brand with a burnt face.

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if you put a little sample there this ad would cost a bloody fortune, im sure it already did anyways.
Nice concept and to @pabloaotw, so what if people see it on the bus? the fact that it grabs your attention and you read hawaiin tropic, thats it youve done half your job.

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that is so ducking awesome.

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ming the merciless
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Was done for Mini convertible by Colenso BBDO in Auckland, New Zealand in (2005 I think)

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jeez, just look at all you people wet yourselves over this...it's embarrasing

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Ney Frances
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i like it, besides been done millon times! WPP is changing Greys all over the world! good on them!

is there life before death?

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This ad ROCKS!! Really like it when the way it execute on it's own...

But come to think of real application, if the consumer / reader didn hold the magazine under the sun. It fail! Unless the consumer or reader seen this demo picture shown bellow...

How many of u guys will read a magazine under the big hot sunny day?

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Curious to know how it was executed. I mean the kind of paper used and how the mechanism works.

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the idea is great
i was wondering...
Sweden have sun? and without the tr..two months of summer?
People read magazines allways on beach, or out-places?
this can work just in a few cases/places.
inside the office, cold light, you take a look out there and see GREY sky... huh!
great idea, but this was made to award, does not work in real world very well.

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hehe, doesn't work in real world. agree

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