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The idea is pretty cool, but a bit more could have been done to the shape of the plug base.

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nice one! but to be the devil's advocate, shouldn't it be the other way around? i mean plug "in" the ground? anyways, very cool ambient...

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this is cool. and yes, with that USP it should be in the ground, but I think that's something only an ADhead would notice ;)

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john doe
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I had the same thought … it should have been an outlet not a plug. Don't think that only ADheads would be bothered.

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I really like the idea, but somehow the execution/sticker just didn't click.

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Senhora Kolossa
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wtf! seems to be a muddi's work!

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All ears
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Yeah this definitely needs a little more to it.

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good idea weak work

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I like it. don't care that its a plug, that is nothing else then electricity. ok its secondary, but if you need electricity you take a plug and put it into sth different. right?
its simple and its kind of social.
good work! winner!

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