E-Mart: Flying store

In order to make people (located far away from E-Mart store) do shop at E-Mart, despite the geographical barrier, we created a "flying" store that flies to customers. The E-Mart truck-shaped balloon, equipped with a Wi-Fi router, can fly to every corner of city. Customers can then connect to the Wi-Fi signal and download coupons. That will enable them to immediately buy products using the E-Mart application. The flying store was so popular that even people who didn't shop online visited offline stores.

Advertising Agency: Cheil, South Korea
Chief Creative Officer: Jeongkeun Yoo
Executive Creative Director: Thomas Hongtack Kim
Creative Director: Alex J. Kwon
Art Director: Seokjin Shin
Copywriter: Songha Lee
Account Executive: Jintaek Noh
Production Company: Pentabreed
Engineers: Yunho Choi, Sejun Jeong, Eunjin Kim / Opener
Engineer: Hyuncheol Cho / H9works
Engineers: Choonkeun Song, Hyungjoon Seo / Dove to rabbit

May 2013

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Another E-Mart Idea success story.

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