Elm Grove Police Department: Slower is better, 3

Advertising Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Milwaukee, USA
Creative Director: Chris Jacobs
Art Director: Brian Steinseifer
Copywriter: Jim Jodie
Released: April 2009


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good job

one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

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so what happenns when someone clocks 25? Those many days in hospital bed for following rules?

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yeah! maybe some cyclists.

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Not 100% solid, but very clever and definitely makes you think about speeding while you're speeding.

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Its a great idea, but think about it... no matter how fast they go (i.e. 25 mph) they are still "Spending 25 days in a hospital bed." Great idea, sloppy execution.


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Who says the thing is working when you only drive 25 or slower...? Nice idea! Effective!

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pretty lame

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Ok. Good idea, but...

46 Km/hr is not = 46 days in bed,
20 Km/hr is not = 46 days in bed
even if u crash.

That´s what I think. Kind of forced.

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very goood.effective

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Bronze pencil work. It's got some flaws but over all pretty tight.

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Great ambient!

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simple but very telling - I like it

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Not very solid, but I like the idea. Nice try!

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this makes you think as you drive by, but the percentage one is much more solid. other than that, i think it could use more contrast as the gray background might make it not so easy to read at the speed of 50 days in the hospital.

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100 Days in a hospital bed for those too busy reading the sign and not paying attention to the road...

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Hahaha, I would like to see one of those around my house, I'm sure a new kind of sport would born immediately, with bets raising up all around!

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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so I drive by @5 mph..and it's 5 days in hospital bed???? No matter what..if you drive...you gonna end up in a hospital bed??? works ONLY if the numbers show up only when some one goes over 25...yeah then it works.

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