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Hey Ho Let's Go


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Very nice and cheap to do.

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Sr. Enzo

Cheap and this acctually made the "streets". I saw the video.
The other one for weight watchers run only at the art director photoshop. I bet.

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andrej dwin
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nice, simple, works for me perfectly.
*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

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Nice idea although the sticker looks a bit clunky

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What happens when the lift goes up? Do they put on weight?

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Jonas Costa

Yes, thats why it´s written: Control your weight.

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Very nice idea. If One Show have a low budget ambient category this will be gold. For sure.

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Marcelo Castellano

Sou de Curitiba, montei uma agência de publicidade aqui em Joinville agora.

Muito boa idéia!

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Muito bom mesmo. Vi o vídeo no You Tube também. Estão de parabéns.

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Finally a fresh ambient in elevators. I´m already tired of jokes at the doors.

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Simple and easy.

Good work!

We're going to need more lube.

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fresh and nice

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fresh and nice

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Outstanding. Supreme Victory!

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It's a very nice idea indeed, but I already came across this a few months ago for Weight Watchers in Belgium. It seemed more relevant too, as it is about countering the yoyo effect of regular diets (the up and down question above)

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If nobody saw it, doesn't exist. Welcome to the real and cruel world.

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Peter North

Let me guess, dear Hugo M:
You are one of the authors of the idea for Weight Watchers, and now wanna show that you made it first, even not made it (or distributed at the adblogs).
C'mon, guy, we don't believe in Easter Bunny anymore.

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Welcome to the real world?!?!?!

Damn, man! This ad for me is as far away from real as you can get.

1: It's for a little obscure brand. (you could maybe put a website to make it a little more serious.)
2: The sticker looks crappy. Looks like it's printed at the agency's printer. (you could maybe make real stickers)

PS: I know, I know: Little clients deserve also fresh ideas and more of that crap. And I agree. But aren't we all sick of fitness centre ads and stuff? Presuming this is for a fitness centre. Coïncidence or not, I couldn't find the website to check if it is or not.

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Marcelo Castellano

i'm from Curitiba/Brasil, this Gym is located here and is a very famous fitness center....

everyone in town knows it.... it is a little weard you talk about it, because you don't know Curitiba and the fitness center...

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Here it go:

You can also check some news, links and other stuff at google:

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Hey, Road Runner. Congratulations if you work for Gold's Gym or whatever other great academy brand you've got. Because we don't. We've got Sport Batel Gym, which is a small and cozy place to workout, with nice and new equipment from all over the world. It doesn't have branches in many cities. It doesn't have branches at all. It's a unique, solo, one-and-only marvel of Capitalism that survives because it does a good job. And advertises wisely, too.
And bananas for those who think it's not for real. I don't care. The owner is quite happy with the results and that's what matters for the agency.

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Nilton Alcântara

Mas que bela idéia. Muito original e criativa. Parabéns a todos envolvidos neste magnífico trabalho.
Show de bola.

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A idéia e a pertinência é que valem. E isso é o que faz a idéia ser do caralho. Parabéns por dar a cara a bater, mesmo sabendo que a maioria aqui vai dar o sangue pra achar algum defeito, mesmo que tenham que inventá-lo. A peça da Fuego claramente veio antes, se a Bélgica chupou ou se foi coincidência, não sei. Mas que a Duval tem um histórico boquinha de veludo, isso tem.

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Peter RoCkEr

Of course this came first. The Duval guys don't have any ethic.

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Absolut awesome! Strike!

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Hey Ho Let's Go