December 2006

Playing with the smooth aspect of eggshells, eggboxes in Brussels were taken in hand by the Wilkinson Quattro Titanium. The masculine faces on the eggs were printed on transparent stickers and then stuck to the eggs. An advertising flyer with a promotion on the back was put in every box.

Every man deserves a smooth skin.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Brussels
Creative Director: Christopher Gelder, Sabine Botta
Art director / Copywriter: Aymeric Perceval, Olivier Pletinckx

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jmcho's picture
Activity Score 278

i'd be really freaked out if i opened a carton of eggs and saw 6 tiny heads staring up at me. other than that, it's a fresh idea.

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i'd love it. would be surprised and love the product forever.
great guerrilha

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I have to agree with jmcho.
I'd freak and probably drop the eggs.
Which would make me pissed off cos I lost an entire tray of eggs because of an ad.
Which begs the question:

Don't you think advertising is too pervasive and intrusive nowadays?

Sure, we remember them.
Sure, they are fresh.

But as a consumer, I'm kinda ticked off with the amount of ads blaring at me from every possible corner.

While it is our job to create ads that are fresh and exciting, let's be mindful about what clutter does to the consumer.

Back to the eggs... seriously. Do I want to eat eggs with stickers printed on most probably non-edible (ie poison) ink that would probably seep into the porous shell of an egg?


Do I think the idea is fresh?


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hahahah this is nice. :)

I'd probably buy an extra pack just to keep them for fun.

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Mtl Dave
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Yeah, right! Cool idea.

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I will think twice before i break any egg cos i don't wont the brain to splash out on my plate... But still its new idea. Good one.

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drunk dave
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I love it. Really different, and not one Advertising almanac said, "it's been done before". Nice.

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great ambient! clap clap clap JWT
@ whitespace: I wouldn't keep 'em too long, they might turn into some smelly coneheads

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arrhhh.. not funny, but I just had to think of this insane who shot a 14 y old boy just because of throwing eggs on his car

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arz azar
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I thought that this shaver is for man's balls :)

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Activity Score 180

very cool. funny.

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Good jobs guys.

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I cant deny Its a nice idea... but if i consider myself one of the consumers, I wont eat eggs with stickers printed on it. ( unhealth)

ivan's picture

Nobody eats the shell anyway.

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true...but if air can pass thru an eggshell then i would think that inks could as well. (maybe they're edible inks..i dunno)

good idea...but sort of strange.

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Activity Score 765

not necesarily unhealthy... the eggs always have the date ptinted on them anyway, so you might as well print a face or whatever.

anyway, I agree that this would be great ambiance for a Balls Shaver ;-)

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at least it's certainly fun to crack 'em and watch the yolk pouring down their dwarfish heads..

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Mr Parsley
Activity Score 10

This is dumb in nineteen ways, primarily because it's just freakish and intrusive: just a zany media idea and no sell.

Unless... it goes in the Eggs for Men section of the store, of course.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

I was about to make a similar point myself.

I like the idea in and of itself. Feels pretty fresh (with an expiration date on it :)
However, IF this guerrilla/ambient stunt is for real, the media strategy here doesn't seem particularly sound.
I also feel if the ad message had something at all to do with eggs themselves, I'd be more permissive. But since it is for a STUPID SHAVER, I totally agree with others who feel it's getting way too intrusive.
Remember that cereal box on a string over a pile of fresh strawberries?
THAT was pretty effective.

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Activity Score 2592

this is about making people talk about it. this also would have worked some decades back when the kitchen was a women-only domain. i bet the first thing you do when you see these eggs is to show it to someone else or at least tell someone about it.

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Activity Score 36

this is shiteloads better than the swooning lady/fast car/smooth skin razor ads on the telly. so who cares if the eggs look like dr evil?

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Bottom line is... this is fresh thinking and out of the flippin' box. It's a lovely idea.
This will get a whole lot of people talking. I find it pretty amusing, it's probably going
to increase the eggs sales. Guess what? Two birds-one stone.

ivanlim's picture
Activity Score 262

no, i still don't like it.
imagine waking up, opening a tray of eggs that you just bought yesterday (who opens to check inside, you just assume they are normal eggs) only to find freaky faces staring back.

in a state of grogginess (it's the freaking morning) you'd be shocked and probably throw/drop/scream and lose your eggs.

of course, you could argue differently.
but personally, i think advertising shouldn't invade every part of our life.

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Activity Score 2592

always check inside when you're buying eggs. the eggshell could be cracked or sometimes there are remains of chicken poo and dirty feathers on it. so ALWAYS check the eggs before you buy it. just an advice.

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Activity Score 262

advertising shouldn't invade every part of our lives.

ivan's picture

It already does. Btw, why not?

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advertising has to be pervasive... intrusive... wake u from ur slumber make you run to the supermart and buy tons of everything!
sure we all do that... don't we?!!

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Too intrusive, I'm not entirely sure if it reaches the target audience
Just seems like an execution that wasn't very well thought out.

Fail Harder.

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Just to set things straight: The faces are not painted on the shells with ink. The faces are put on as printed transparent folio.

And to all you creatives who question the potential of this idea on such lame grounds as "I'll probably be so surprised I'd drop the box" or "It's too intrusive": Drop the envy and get to work on your own ideas!

No question this is ambient commercial at its finest - I bow in awe of its creators :)

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Radoslav Minchev
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:)))))))))))))))))) Soooooooooooo freakin' cooooooool

not freedom like a shopping card

It's my job to keep punk rock elite

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excellent !

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I love Egggsssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love love love themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!