Egg Baby/ Toilet paper

We placed rolls of custom printed toilet paper in hotels, restaurants and
department store's public bathrooms, luring young parents into the micro
site and eventually into egg baby's main website.

Advertising Agency: Marta Ibarrondo, Italy
Art director: Marta Ibarrondo
Copywriter: Bob Havlena


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good idea!

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ahahha! Best btl seen lately

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

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do they speak english in toilets?!


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What language do they speak in what!? :-)

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

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A prefrontal cortex massage or a new thinking cap will do to get it ; -))

look at what xcreativity said...


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Marta Ibarrondo
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There was a typo. I'm based in NYC, not Italy. So hopefully people will get it here.

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It was intentional!
By this media they are communicating with the person (may be in an emergency) who consider English as a strange language (enough reference available on AotW),
might not pay enough attention to read what's written on a toilet paper. That's all your honor!!!


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i would replace the copy by a photo.. in italy i dont believe many people will actually understand what's written in english

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Marta Ibarrondo
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xcreativity, you are right, however there was a typo. I'm based in NYC and the toilet papers where placed in NYC'S public bathrooms.

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So this "stunt" tells you to go to a website where adults - with a little too much time on their hands - are acting like babies? And then once on that site you are told to check out some really "cute" "environmentally friendly" baby clothing at yet another site, Egg Baby. I just don't see why adults should be involved, creatively, into all this. After all, we are talking about baby clothing.

The use of bath tissue is indeed a great non traditional way to advertise (done before). It may seem silly to many, but it does make sense (think about it). Things I would have done differently: change copy to "It's nice to be a baby because someone else would have to wipe your butt" (maybe not every adult wants to be a baby, which is implied in the original copy), skip the I want to be a baby microsite and send people straight to Egg Baby, the web shop.

In lieu of the "adults acting like babies" campaign, I would have created a campaign celebrating adults as good parents. It wasn't going to be funny, but still. The idea here is that a good parent would want their babies to look their best in cute eco-friendly clothes :-)

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Marta Ibarrondo
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Guys, I'm not in Italy! (i wish....) that was a typo!!!! I'm in NYC so English is not a problem....

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This is cool. Does it exist in French?

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nice idea and website and all... But: for me, there is a big problem with that concept.
In the end, you want to to sell clothes for children. but this whole campaign celebrates being a child. and there is a big difference between wanting to be baby and being parents.

i'm afraid this campaign is seriously off target

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My problem as well. Agree 1000%.


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italians... americans... all butts are the same

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Marta Ibarrondo
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The good news is: not only this campaign has generated being mentioned in more than 400 blogs worldwide, 320,000 youtube hits, over 70,000 visits to the micro site with 22.5% bounce rate to Egg Baby's website, but sales have increased dramatically.

So although I see your point, sometimes it pays to do things differently and to engage the consumer through a soft but insightful sell.

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I know how seeding works. but actually you have lost 70%-80% users with every step. so according to your numbers in the end there are 12 clips leading to 15 000 visits on Egg Baby?
not convinced, sorry.

but don't get me wrong. overall i rather like this work. i'm just sure that you could have reached less freaks and more people interested in childrens clothes with a different message.

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still not as cool as the sadam hussein or george bush toilet paper.

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Carlos Garcia
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i don't like when people mess with my toilet paper!


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isnt the ink harmful for the ass? besides i find little hard to understand what this promotion is all about.. who wants to be a baby and why?

| Everartz |

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