Egg Baby: Wall

To promote a micro site called to lure young parents in and direct them into Egg Baby's main site.

Advertising Agency: Marta Ibarrondo, NY, USA
Creative Director / Art Director: Marta Ibarrondo
Copywriter: Bob Havlena

July 2009


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I just posted it to have a complete campaign, but I'm puzzled why the graffiti?

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i cant explain it but this is fucking genius. (no, i have nothing to do with the agency or the campain)

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I have no idea what this is, and the website doesn't work. In fact, you don't even have the same website on each ad. WTF?

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At first I too didn't catch the 'i' but the website, , does indeed work. I think that this particular spot is too much of an extreme unless a giant-sized adult ran through the city at night with a few crayolas in hand. However, if you go to the website being advertised and look under the "express yourself" section, you will see slightly better executions in which I at least said to myself: OK, I can see an adult wanting to be a baby doing that one and not Spider Man.

This particular image is not mind blowing, but it is supported by the rest of the campaign. The idea as I understand it is like a child having access to crayons and markers, they are bound to doodle on any surface available to them.

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i think this is awesome! an adult that writes graffiti like a baby? hysterical

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this is very clever. great outdoor.

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pathetical as the whole campaign.

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