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naked suits?! for albinos maybe....

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nice done, i really thought that they were naked.

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Looks like 'long johns'. I half expect to see cowboy hats here. :p

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once again a moralist client attacked: where are the "naked models"? "I want but I don't.... I like the shocking idea but what my wife will think about it?" buuuuu.....!

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so poor...

Concept is so weak, it's a clear declination of the title of the book. C'mon guys! You can do better than this.
And this naked girls... how could you not push the envelope with this?

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Yeah they had an opportunity to do something outrageous by having the models actually be naked save for the little boards hiding their ladyparts but they played it too safe. If they were actually nude, it probably would have made the local news that night and a tabloid paper would have done a story on it. But then again the naked chicks gag is a little cheap and has been done a million times. Would still have been better than this.

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I thought they are selling the white suit.

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