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damn effective, damn creative

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yun siang orangutan
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I love the visual here! I think they could have gotten alot more out of it, so its kind of missused... well well. Again, great visual statement!

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The Pope
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great, I would have donde it in a larger scale though.

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Neil Levy
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neil levy
It's cool. Reminds me a bit of Andy Goldsworthy's work but in a more practical usable way. If you've never seen his stuff you should buy his books (he's an environmental artist and you'd dig it.) I think this concept would (will) get talk value. In a way, I wish it paid something off that was more direct like pollution run off and how EcoStore helps stop it since the ad runs really well by the drain, but no matter. It's still cool.

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Where have I seen this before? Is this a continuation of the previous?


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been done, remember the ad of a wideshot of some city with a river goin through it and there is a large paint bucket flowing into the river??

if i knew the client id go find it, but thats the best description i can give right now

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I've seen the stuff you're referring to. The big difference is that we expect liquids (paint, petro-chemicals) to spill out from paint tins and oil drums.

In this case 'earth', 'lawn' and 'flowers' are the contents of the barrel.

It's very, very, different.

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clean, simple and works well. Great idea.

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