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I really don't like these invasive executions. No matter how cool or creative, DON'T TOUCH MY CAR!


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Don´t touch my car either!!!

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i don´t mind, i think it´s good

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i think most of the people would not like it... and I would be one of them.

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And I think that this isn't good execution, but idea is to use cars is ok.



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I like it because it's unexpected.

RE: Naysayers; It's no more invasive than a flyer on your windshield. Lighten-up.

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its nice... people might like or might not like....but i think most of them will smile looking at it before taking it off....so overall is fine and ok.

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Guys, maybe you should stop making love with your car...

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The best comment of the month. I agree 100% with "elasticum", STOP making love with your car... (only if it's a Ferrari)

Simple ideas are the best !

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Actually, if you ask me, it has nothing to do with loving my car. But if I am in a hurry (almost always), I may not notice it at first glance. I get into my car. Check my mirrors. Get out of my car. Take this very creative piece of ad off my mirror. Get back into my car. Put it in my glove compartment (I am pretty angry at that moment). I am angry and late, so you bet I won't read it. When I arrive, I take this very creative piece of ad off my glove compartment and place it in a trash bin. Story over.

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very nice....i love it

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@ thedesignaddict : WORD!

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I like it

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cyril effman
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fake !

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Pour ton information Fabien, cette opération a eu lieu à Compiègne où 2000 de ces cadres ont été distribués.

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definitely a 'fun' way of doing a flyer - I think the driver would find it less annoying.

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if you take it easy guys .. you will see it nice work .. i would love to find one of these on my car .. and come on people you talk like everyone one of you own a ferrari car or something ... !!!!

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