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Agreed with Guest. I won't look at those small texts as well... as we always see those yellow signs here and there. I would think it's just another one of those TRUE wet signs. There should be something to catch the attention of the passer byes. Like this : http://adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/t_fal_eggs . This we won't miss ( we like it or not that's a diff story).
And more over the Eatalica wet sign is not placed in an unexpected place or way.
I am pretty sure people will miss it. :-)

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ya and they kept the sign the way the actual sings are.

tissu papar rack could have work better or a papar bib as giveaway with msg

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Curiosity kills the cat.
I guess people have a bad eye sight, Nothing wrong in the ad, to tell you the fact there are more curious people out there to find mistakes

Excellent Idea

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nah ... doesn't really make any sense .. sorry...

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Great idea. Copy could have been better though and I agree with Guest as well. No one will read it.

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seems to met the copy is a bit clunky.
Get Rid Of:
-- “at”
-- “which may in turn lead to a wet floor“
-- ‘Issued for”
maybe this would work, maybe not .

“Ogling the burger may involuntarily cause drooling - enjoy safely because we care - from the management of Eatalica restaurant“.

I’m unfamiliar with this restaurant. if it’s a stand alone like mcdonalds I’m sure a lot of people would read the sign while standing/waiting in line. if it is a mall style and the sign is in a common walkway, I don’t think people would take the same notice.


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The idea is about drooling over a burger. But the execution tries to be too clever, ending up belaboring the point.

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Going through two concepts to get the main message is usless to show the main concept.

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I dont know...
I thought normal people wouldnt let his/her drool drips to the floor..you see, in normal people world, we can always hold our excess saliva by handkerchief, tissue, or even by hands...
Maybe this ad is done in "less" normal or should I say retarded world.
You tell me.

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Yeah it's a little forced

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Although a bit gimmicky, I like the idea itself. Over-salivation concept has been done too many times especially for the fast food category (in the US at least).
But I have to agree with a lot of others that the audience will probably dismiss the prop as an actual wet floor sign even if it's strategically placed right underneath the poster.

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i thought the burger its TOO juicy in my first glimpse :p
i wonder the cleaner who work around will try to take of the board
and the whole concept will become complete no more?

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