Earth Day: Bike Cape

Are you an environmental hero?

Media placement was the key to the success of these ads. We wanted to engage our target by creating out-of-the-ordinary changes to places where environmentalists are often found. We ultimately decided that bike lanes would be the ideal spot, and so we made the bicycle symbols in bike lanes into mini guerilla advertisements. By using washable, eco-friendly paint to draw a cape onto the bike lane people and attaching a call to action, environmentalists were engaged in an unexpected way.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Toronto, Canada
Associate Creative Directors: Paul Riss, Matt Antonello
Creative Directors: Denise Rossetto, Todd Mackie
Art Director: Rebecca May
Copywriter: Domenique Raso
Photographer: Vicky Lam
Account manager: Annie Seyffert

November 2010


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Why the question? Imho every cyclist actually is an environmental hero. Maybe it should say something like 'we welcome our environmental heroes'. Wha'ever, it's okay. 6/10

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Move along people, nothing new to see here.

Jack Mancer - when he said he was going to collect pencils, they thought he meant One show awards. He didn't.

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Smart idea and ad placement.

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Simple i like it, hope they dont get distracted and fall to the floor by accident.

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Darko Bosnar
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I found this really funny. But I also think question is unnecesery. just cloak and web link are fine!

art director at IMAGO

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Without the headline, you wouldn't get the cloak...

I like it!

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Chelsey Homan
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The question doesn't really bother me. If you're in the bike lane, it might seem redundant. But I'm sure cars will see it too.
I don't know if that was their intentions but overall, I'm a fan. I wonder if the paint is environmentally friendly though.

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Hey, the idea is for people who aren't in the bike lane to use it!!! I think it is a great idea, we should all be using bikes and helping with our carbon foot print - now if it would only stop snowing!!

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leandro pinho
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cool.. clean

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