Xerud the lover's fortuneteller

December 2010
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Taiwan category sales volume was in decline. To increase condom purchases we needed to remind our young audience of the risks of unprotected sex —task effectively done in other markets via sampling. Given the cultural taboos in Taiwan, regular promoters in the streets were not being able to achieve the daily contact goals. We had to find a new and more effective way to get our products into the consumer hands to start conversations. All Taiwanese generations frequently consult fortune-tellers to know their fate in wealth, health and specially love. With a very limited budget we created an unbranded fortune-teller machine called “Xerud” and placed it in bars, nightclubs and karaoke bars where the inhibitions are lessened. “Xerud” handed out predictions related to one’s sexual life and relationships together with the most relevant sample condom based on the forecast and the product benefit. The sample pack also contained educational tips about safe sex. In average a street promoter handed out 23 samples an hour while “Xerud” handed out an average of 77. Most importantly we’ve softened inhibitions and started meaningful conversations. The full campaign was led by sampling but also had a TVC, print/online ads, online predictions, a Facebook page and in-store POSM. The impact on the sales volume was a 4% increase while the category sales volume was in negative growth, -5%. The Durex market share also reached an historical high in February 2011 with 54.7%.

Additional credits

Advertising Agency: OgilvyAction, Taipei, Taiwan
Creative Director: Nuno Lemos
Art Director: Millie Lin
Copywriter: Sherry Hsieh
Senior Designer: James Lei
Account Manager: Polly Wen
Account Director: Amber Huang

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