Durex: Giant condom

Background: Student's day in Tel Aviv University is the biggest students event in Israel, hosting 100,000 students enjoying many brands stands which are offering fun experiences, foods and all that to the sounds of the leading Rock stars and bands in Israel. Durex is participating in this event for the past 5 years, and this year wanted to make a social interactive project that involving the TAU students.

The challenge: To make a difference, create a project that will increase awareness among the young crowd for the importance of safe sex.

The solution: The best way we could think about both helping young crowd realize how important it is to have safe sex, and do it in an interactive way, was to create a unique display by undressing 50 student and bringing them in "Durexs" giant condom resembling sperm that cant go out. We did it in the main area of the student's day festival. The project was collaboration between Durex, Israel Aids Task Force and the TAU students association. Durex Donated 100 INS to the Israel Aids Task Force for each student that went in the condom.

Giant condom production: Helium.co.il

The results: 50 students took their clothes off, and helped getting the awareness up back. 40 reporters worldwide covered the project, which was
Advertising Agency: Obsessive Creative Marketing, Israel
Creative Directora: Gal Markovich, Itay Atias
Photographers: Avi Harel, Pini Siluk

May 2010


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Wow, a giant condom.


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Something similar with a giant condom was done in Italy, I think. Not sure if the people inside were naked. I don't see why they should be..

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so people like you from all around the world would talk about it :)

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a lot of ads with people naked lately.
and giant condom was done before.

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Phil Lestino
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what big dick thought this one up?

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well, they are quite honest about it.

under Solution: "the best way we could think about..."

doesn't it say all?

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nice one.

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Great Recall Value

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the volunteering students might be homosexual and have an orgy inside the condom...

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it would had been better if the students were given white towel to wear after they undress. it would had been easier to understand

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I doubt they might never read ad books carefully. This is such an identical n old idea............

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