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October 2007

Ambient advertisment created by DDB, New Zealand for Durex, within the category: Personal Accessories.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Auckland, New Zealand
Photographer: Matt Baker
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Art Directors: James Tucker, Emmanual Bougneres
Copywriters: Simon Vicars, Mike Felix
Assistant Producer: Nick Conetta

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eltipo's picture
Activity Score 209

lmao excelent image choice for this one.

gienel's picture
Activity Score 339

the girl looks yummy

ManchuChanchu's picture
Activity Score 701

this is disgusting!the man i mean

Guest's picture

Huh? Are you people retarded? How is this a benefit? Keeps you going until she/he is so old, you'd chew off your arm to get away from them? How stupid. Whats the lollipop got to do with anything?

Packet of condoms = $5, cheap printed pillow case = $10... Doesn't sound like a very economical campaign to me.

This is gimmicky shite. Next...

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

It's about men finding something revolting enough to distract themselves and last a little longer. It's a new twist on the old pinch-on-the-thigh or think-of-your-mother.

Ron Jeremy's picture
Ron Jeremy
Activity Score 92

You're asking a lot of people to get the pillow case and put it on their bed. And what hot chick would want to bang you with an image like that in her immediate vicinity. Nice try.

allabouttheidea's picture
Activity Score 7

It's saying; If you don't have Performa Condoms (which make you last longer) you'll need something else to help you do so.

Don't take it too literally there camp. Did Sony want you to go and unleash 1000's of coloured balls down a street in San Fran? It's just illustrating the benefit. It does it in a new and amusing way. Well done to all involved.