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Have Heart
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Great! Too bad it's not a campaign.

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en deeennn, eeennn dddeeeeennnnnnn??????...

Arnold Santillan

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Dick Huges
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My name is Dick Huges and yes I approve this campaign.

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"Heavy Traffic Districts around town. When cars where parked on top, these stickers wouldn't be visible, but as soon as they moved and the parking spaces were vacant, you could read..."

How often will you see an empty parking slot in a "Heavy Traffic Districts"? Nice product placement with a big flaw.

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Lucky they had that explanation about being able to see it once the car was gone from the space.

So confusing. Let's see if I got this - when the car is parked you can't see it? Okay, so then when the car has moved you do! Wow, that's like FUCKING OBVIOUS.

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i agree, and lets not forget this is Hong Kong, you never see empty parking space.
Its alot of work for one crap film too isnt it?

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this one works better. no harm needed.

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Global Cheese
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Global Cheese

this is cool.

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Great work. I knew he'd do something interesting, and I knew he'd use dude where's my car. ha ha, ha sometimes, you can just see a person so clearly in their work...

Wishing you luck and many many more accolades.

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this is cool either.

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That's just hilarious !

Dude, I love this !

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Global Cheese
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Global Cheese

Right, hand out the penises.

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