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Wont this ad work only with women or while taking a dump?

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wow, great job


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stephen chiu
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Sorry, it's been done.

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Can you give us a link?

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Frankly, i quite like the idea. But I'm sure people might find it a little awkward and uncomfortable. besides the copy sucks! "What a waste of would-be award-winning idea!"

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WHO'S DRIVING? What the fuck has that line to do with the ambient? NOTHING!

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I believe they mean "Who's driving?" as in "Who's the designated driver?". They're trying to get people to realize that if they're over the lie they may not make it home in one piece. I'd have put more copy on the back of the stall door, too.

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Snerkadoodle Snr.
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Exactly. Sitting in that "chair" would send shivers down my spine. It would make you think, especially in the case of women, about the state of the person driving them home that night.

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Yeah it's a pity. such a powerful impact not used well

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Works best
out of 3

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this is simply, simply brilliant. wow.

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jupiter drawing room strikes again.. they fuckin rocks...

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i like it and i think the line is enough to delivery the message:
"give your car key to someone that didn't (or will not) get drunk tonight".

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Fab Fab
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I definetly don't seat down to pee.. even if i'm drunk.
Cool idea (for drunk girls) though.


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...good job guys!

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So basically you've taken one toilet seat(probably the agency's own toilet) and replaced the copy three times to create three separate entries (note the picture does not change other than the copy on the board behind the toilet seat). C'mon - this was just created for the sake of award entries. After having such a good idea, you destroyed it with bad presentation - at least use three different toilets to give the impression that it was really done. Worst thing is, three different lines, and not one that works. Suggest you rework and EXECUTE.

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Snerkadoodle Snr.
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Suggest you eat some shit.

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Raw nerve there, I guess. Too close to the truth, eh?

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Wont this ad work only with women or while taking a dump?