D-reizen Travel Agency: Raincampaign

Are you also longing for sun?
D-reizen Travel Agency

Every time it rains the he message appears on the street. When the streets dry up the Raincampaign® disappears again. It appears in 1000 locations in the Netherlands. The locations are carefully positioned round the 175 D-reizen stores.

Watch the video.

Advertising Agency: Raincampaign, Misterwilson, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Bas Manders
Art Directors: Bas Manders, Nadeem Gill
Published: april, 2010


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Does anyone know if this has been done before? Because it's brilliant.

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Yes. Tide has an ambient work like this. They got many awards as far as I can remember.


“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” Picasso.

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Who cares if this has been done before? The average consumer is not likely to visit ad forums... My guess is that the TG will appreciate this campaign – no matter if it was done back in the 80's somewhere in the outskirts of Mongolia, or if this is the first time.

Love it!

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Great idea!!

Yours truly,
Assadi >)

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They use it a lot in London. It is brilliant for sure.

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Curb London specializes in such ads:


Nice but not pioneer.

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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That campaign is just water on the streets RAINCAMPAIGN is visible when it rains and when the streets dry up RAINCAMPAIGN disappears again. Over and over for at least 6-8 weeks.

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the tide work has nothing to do with this.

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