Dove Body Milk: Magic Mirror

After a hot shower your skin will love Dove Body Milk.

The challenge: Millions of body lotion samples are never opened; they remain glued to ads in magazines, disappear inside handbags, or get thrown in the bin. What could we do to make sure this does not happen to Dove Body Milk?

The idea: Catch the customers when they’re naked: in hotel bathrooms! Therefore we developed a mailing for hotel managers and sent them the „Dove Magic Mirror Marker“: They were to write a magic Dove message for their guests on the bathroom mirror. The marker uses a de-mister fluid that the writing appears when the mirror steams up. A real moment of surprise and exactly the moment to give Dove Body Milk a try.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy&Mather, Frankfurt, Germany
Art Director: Daniel Schweinzer
Copywriter: Marcus Pfeiffer
Published: December 2009


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Jaap Grolleman
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It's nice, but if I'm paying for a hotel I'd hate to see my mirror being used for ads.

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YEah I agree. I don't think many people would enjoy the idea of being targeted while naked. Nice idea though.

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Cool idea!

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love it but there could be reservations as mentioned above,,,didn't think of it until read the above but I guess it would trouble some.. having said all this, you cannot please all.. there will always be some that cannot be pleased

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ek kanya
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thats true. thhis is too intrusive.

am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

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Matt Tonkin
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I would complain to the hotel, if that's what is on my mirror I don't want to know what else is on things around the room.

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I'd get creeped out if this happened to me. And I would hotel workers would be willing to write the messages. And if they did write its unlikely it would be legible.

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Man in a Box
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I don't know how possible is to add hotels to media plans but it's a nice idea and execution. Also, i think that surprise is bigger than annoy.

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Minerva Pinto
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I think I would be creeped out to get out of the shower to find that there was writing on the mirror...

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Make it simple..

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Make it simple..

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unfortunatley this is not a new idea. i don't have links to prove it tho.

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Yeah, a knew a few design classmates that did the same thing to promote water conservation.

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Uh. I would like to see the maid's writing style when she writes this. Might not be that clearly printed on my mirror. LOL Fail.

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I like it, but is not applicable because it invades the privacy of individuals.
Sorry: 2 / 10

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Luis Maram
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I don´t think this is real for all the reasons explained... but it´s a good experiment. Interesting.

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I really love the idea. I personally don't think it is intrusive. I mean there is no one in your shower who is coming and advertising while you are taking a shower. The mirror has been marked before hand. So its pretty cool n plus u finally get to use the so called "body lotion samples".

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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Matt Tonkin
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But it appears the majority of people would be offended/insulted that the hotel would write something on the mirror. Hotel rooms are supposed to be private while you rent them so this is intrusive. Also what if someone doesn't realize it was written in an anti fogging solution and thinks someone actually entered their room to write this. Cool idea but seems like it would cause a nightmare for the hotel management.

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tanvir raju
56 pencils idea though......But still Im agree with mujerendiagonal

Tanvir Hassan

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advertising in my hotelromm (bathroom!). god i would leave immidiately. the tried to force the execution of a good idea...

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himanshu prabhakar
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Himanshu Prabhakar

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I love the idea. But what hotel manager is going to bother doing the writing, or tasking staff with it, even if they Do get a cheap deal or whatever bribe is worked out?

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Pratik Desai
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Can someone please tell me the alternate for a de-mister fluid marker ??

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