DoubleA paper: Door

The objective is to demonstrate the superior quality of Double A paper - its ability to print without getting stuck in the printer. Not-Double A paper is partially slipped underneath the doors of homes. The bottom part of the paper is glued to the floor outside with a strong adhesive making it difficult for the person inside to pull it in. On pulling it in hard, the paper comes out torn with the message:

Frustrated with paper jams in your printer?

Agency: JWT, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Chafic Haddad
Art Director: Firas Medrows
Copywriter: Tushar Kadam, Moaiad Khaiti
Graphic Designer: Jason Araujo


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how if i glue a double A paper with the same method? won't it happen the same thing? it might be a cool idea :), but i kinda dislike people to glue stuff outside my door.

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don't they ever dare to ruin the floor outside my condo with a piece of paper glued to it with some extra strong adhesive!

nice way to show what could happen when using another brand

Axxl's picture
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Who runs from door to door in Dubai and glues paper on the floor? Too much work for such an uninterestingly message.

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there are always some desperate students who are willing to earn some pennies...

B128's picture
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My thoughts exactly. And when do they do it? At night?
That glue better be easy to wash out or else....

Vibe's picture
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The black area look photoshop~

pixelbomb1's picture
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photoshopped - past tense, done, not present tense

Arnold Santillan

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I dont understand you all. very clever idea. very nice and revolutionist. congratulations from me. you others get back into bad and continue your sleeeeeeeep.

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