DoubleA paper: DM

The objective is to demonstrate the superior quality of Double A paper - its ability to print without getting stuck in the printer. Non-Double A paper inserted into envelopes were mailed to key decision makers in companies. The paper was glued to the envelope from the inside making it difficult to be pulled out. On finally getting it out, the paper emerges torn with the message:

Frustrated with paper jams in your printer?

Agency: JWT, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Chafic Haddad
Art Director: Firas Medrows
Copywriter: Tushar Kadam, Moaiad Khaiti
Graphic Designer: Jason Araujo


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very nice. very very nice.

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really cool.

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I lIke it.

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how can a paper be so different and not jam ?
this would be more convincing : "frustrated with paper jams ? buy a new printer"

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Believe me, there are BIG differences in papers. Some are absolute crap and will often jam, others never.
(I work in the biz, printing for various paper and printer manufacturers)

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me thinks
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Kick-ass idea.

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i will open the envelope carefully from the opposite side if i found those paper stucked inside:)

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