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hmm so they didn't tell that it was for easyboatingclub. and they hired some hot chicks.
grabs some attention for sure, but... what's so special about it?

roman-schwienbacher.com's picture
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you do not need to buy a boat..
simple, no?

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addy- read the tiny copy to the right of the photos. all will be revealed.

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i actually did read it and i think it's a nice idea to give people the possibility of renting a boat so they don't have to face "annoyances" like hurricans etc.

what i didn't get was: what's so special about this particular promotion? isn't this the most common form of promoting? attractive girls delivering flyers; strategically placed billboards, posters, banners etc.

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very well then. i totally agree that the tactics were pedestrian at best. the best thing about it is that this was at a function where they were promoting the sales of boats, and this business was promoting renting instead. is that really a big idea either? not in my opinion. thanks for clarifying your intent Addyhoch10!

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you're most welcome ellehciMeo. i should have made my point more clearly.

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A bad website (complete with spelling error in it - is this how you get on the site now, with spelling mistakes?) and a shoddy campaign. It looks like someone put it together in their bedroom.

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sjees, there's absolutely nothing that you can look at without mentioning the spelling- and grammatical errors in it. Yes I know, there are errors in my sentence

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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9/10 for the girl !!

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Is to simple were is the relevance?

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This Art director sucks and the agency too.

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