Doktor Proktor And The End Of The World. Maybe.: Sensational Collection Of Animals You Wish Did Not Exist

Advertising Agency: Try Advertising Agency, Oslo, Norway
Art Director: Egil Pay
Copywriter: Lars Joachim Grimstad
Illustrators: Pjotr Sapegin, Fjodor Sapegin, Kristin Günther
Designer: Marianne Eskeland, Ole Jakob Bøe Skattum, Kenneth Sværen
Published: September 2010


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WOW! Nice work, guys!

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Nice. All except for the line "It was treated as news, not advertising."

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Kids don't care for books anymore! What can we do...?
Oh I know! Let's do something in a museum! Sure lots of kids go there...

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Carlos Aledo
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Well, I think It is something more complex than that.
It is about public relations, attracting the mass media and reporters to the event. Probably the children went to the museum because they saw it on TV.
It is about selling a product using art and entertainment as media. I think this is the way the industry advertising is going, breaking the lines between art, entertainment and advertising. So advertising is not perceived as such, but as entertainment, art, enjoyable product itself.
And look at the numbers, it works.

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I wish I had made that one. Maybe they made a Lion aswell:)
Goed werk!

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Very inventive.

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Now that's what I call advertising in 2011...
Can the show come to Berlin?!! I think my kids would have loved it:)

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Veldig Bra!

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I think this is a great example of 360-thinking. With this kind of client and budget, you don't get far with traditional advertising. But you can get a long way by thinking outside the advertising box:)

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