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effective cause the dog is too scary, I would put some money to hide it

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Effective but not very smart or original.

niranjanhg's picture
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very effective....

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this is what I call a stupid lazy idea.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Creativity is probably irrelevant (especially to these people at Grey) when you can easily appeal to public's emotion with this kind of basic tactic.
It's like having a couple of incredibly adorable kids run a lemonade stand in the middle of the winter. You just CAN NOT resist spending your nickel on an ice-cold beverage no matter what the temperature. We're simply programmed that way...

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you think the first person to put in money would get it?
or the last person?

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Oh dear...that's bad.

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your donations can make what disappear? the dogs problem or the doggy himself??

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You guys are going to feel very silly when this wins a million award. Very silly.

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Luis Maram
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Perhaps it will win... but it doesn't matter; still will be bad taste.

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