Divorce lift

A typical wedding photo was affixed to door lift doors in a law firm. Unfortunately, every time the doors opened, the couple split up. But help was at hand for everyone in the same position as soon as they stepped into the lift: a sign showed the name of the law firm and which floor the office was on.

Advertising Agency: g k k DialogGroup, Frankfurt, Germany

November, 2009


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If the client is woman: it hurts to see a wedding picture torn. It makes her consider her decision even.
If the client is man: No way he gets on this elevator.

It's a bold/dramatic idea, on which not a lot of thinking made.

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A person who reads this is not going to get all butt-hurt and take 87 flights of stairs because the wedding picture hurt their feelings.

I am so sick of people like you on here and read into the campaign in the most negative way. Leave your fucking sensibilities at home and get a sense of humor.

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It's ok with me, i enjoyed it... But I'm not the target. And a client who needs a devorce lawyer can not leaeve his/her emotions just because you ask...

Once someone said: "always doubt the first idea coming to you! It can no way be any creative."

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Agree!! If a woman steps in, she will consider and might not divorce!! On the other hand a man will just step in and he might not even notice.

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ok i learnt about such campaigns in advertising school... even we at a beginner's level thought of it... first thought stuff... not saying its bad or anything... in terms of communication, direct and easily understood..

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I don't think there is any gender difference when somebody see this door.
After all Divorce must be the last thing the couple have to adopt.
And the idea is good..

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This idea should never have been approved. Not by the CD and not by the client. Elevator doors need a lot more thinking than they used to.

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You sir, are an uncreative douchebag.

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@satrianee: I agree, the message can only be a negative emotional one. In no way this is a creative approach to present the "selling points" of the lawyers business.

Even if this looks like a concept art yet (no german lawyer will use english language on his/her sign) and there are strict laws in Germany how an attorney/lawyer has to show a special qualification (either he has a special qualification, then it says "Fachanwalt für ..." or just topical interest then it says "Interessenschwerpunkt...") this concept addresses quite interesting a difficulty we have here in Germany when "advertising" law services. Attorneys are generally and strictly prohibited by law to advertise in any way their services.

So this concept gets 5 stars from me for "outmanouvering" this limitation by using the difference of interior/exterior of the lift - although it lacks the final creative touch and uses bad art (looks like "iCheapphoto" or the like...)

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The happy faces of the couple are too much in contrast with the emotions of people in a divorce. (i mean, they still smile as they seperate). They should have used a sillouethe of a wedding couple without an emotion on their faces.

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So they should be mad on their wedding day? Really?? That is all the point, the difference between the happy faces of the first days and the reality of a divorce.

This is good.

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clever thinking!

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very basic but nicely executed.

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This may not be the most original or advanced advertisement out there, but I hardly think it's going to produce the devastating emotional reaction some have predicted. As someone who very recently got divorced, if I saw this, I would have laughed and given serious thought to using that lawyer. Yes, divorce is emotional: I was a wreck and in some ways could barely function for two years while my life was in total upheaval. But it didn't completely sap my sense of humor. By the time we'd come to the point that we went to a lawyer, something that impersonal would never have hurt or offended me - quite the reverse, I would have been glad of the comic relief and would have given them credit for using something clever, especially given what JobstVonHeintze said about the laws prohibiting advertising for lawyers in Germany. And for those who might make assumptions about my gender based on that, I am a woman.

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"Guest | Wed, 2009-11-18 02:36

ok i learnt about such campaigns in advertising school..."

Learnt? Seriously?

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I hate you, creative guns!!

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But I loved the ad!

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old, really old

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Brand. F*cking. New.

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Its old, fuckin old. Believe me. I saw it whit a lawyer too and another brands. If i found the link (that must to be in this page) ill send you

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It's definitely around here somewhere. I've seen it. The concept of an elevator separating the couple is really circa 2004 or earlier.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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Realmente una abogada que trabaja en el segundo piso de un edificio puede usar el ascensor para hacer su promoción de tgal manera? No lo creo.

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Nice work, made me smile.

How many ads do that these days?

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tell us the truth - what came first, the idea or the client?

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Cannes Gold!

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really? 40 years ago

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The problem is the doors don't just part the couple - they reunite them, too, when they close. I would hijack the idea by placing a sign for a marriage counsellor on the outside, so it looks like they are getting back together.

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ahh awards fodder.... how much we push into that cannon of creativity in a simple hope of hitting something meaningful and gaining recognition.... if only it was something that would be good enough to not shoot out a cannon


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it's really creative, though it doesn't help the fact that divorce stinks

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first of all this has been done. not for an elevator but for a business card. I think this idea is stolen. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_SqhhJb_P3Kk/SPybHyCvUII/AAAAAAAACg4/LlY-YP0J...

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This has been done so many times. Unoriginal and stupid.

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I am laughing to see it, at least i wont be hurt to see it in real, unlike few people here

btw simple & direct


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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G Saks
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I loved the ad!

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