Facebook Cam

May 2010

Interactive installation at Diesel Stores in Spain, being the first store that allows users to share the moment of buying and trying garments on their Facebook profiles from the store. Consumers are able to make pictures, publish them and boast their new acquisitions with their Facebook friends.

Ambient advertisment created by FullSIX, Spain for Diesel, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: FullSIX, Madrid, Spain

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The case study is very bad! and the ad...

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Do the users really have a need to share their Diesel moments? "Hi everyone, I just got out of the fitting room. Check me out. You like my new Diesel jeans?" I personally have never seen anyone taking pictures of themselves in a clothing store. It's a fresh idea, but meaningless, especially given the fact that many people these days use smartphones (iPhone, etc) that have built in cameras and the facebook app on.

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Rafael Steffen
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Well, i agree with atb2005 BUT, this is a nice way to bring people to the store. Let`s think about: My friend went to a disel store and there they had this DIESEL CAM that i can access my facebook and stuff. It`s different and creative, they can show DIESEL as a brand everywhere. Here, in Brazil, girl loves to take pics inside the fitting room. And also, they are most of the time with 2 friends, never alone.
It`s great this idea and i`m pretty sure that will work great.

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I don't like it. It's long and complex to do during shopping.
Then every time you take a pic you've to log on facebook?
People that like it probably use their own mobile phones

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...the case history is horrible too

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The case study is very bad! and the ad...

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This connects Diesel with hundreds of these individuals friends after every pic. Not to mention it provides them with all their information that Facebook gives them access to when using FB Connect. They can use this data to create an even better campaign next time targeting this demographic.

Cool concept - It gets the job done.

At the end of the day that's all that matters.

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it posts a photo to facebook?! that's incredible.