DHL: Trojan mailing

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar, Stuttgart, Germany
Creative Directors: Holger Oehrlich, Philipp Barth
Art Director: Raphaela Sigg
Copywriters: Kai Schmelzle, Jan-Erik Scheibner
Director: Tim Steffan
Editor: Tim Steffan
Project Manager: Susanne Barthel
Additional credits: Till Beckert
Published: January 2014


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omg!! =O

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so what...???

!! जय श्रीराम !!

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I've seen this passed around all over socially, and try as I may to think this campaign is clever, I actually think this tactic is horribly low-brow. First, you set the competition up by providing "hard to find" and awkward addresses, which unless DHL has super powers unlike those of the other guys, means DHL also would likely have problems delivering here, so where's the side-by-side comparison? Second, and far more importantly, if you're going to launch a campaign and instigate a very direct attack on a competitor, why in the world would you put the lowest-paid employees at the very center of the war and make them the victims? What purpose does embarrassing the delivery guy serve who's just doing his job — and now have to relive it over and over again online? This campaign was way too personal and far too intimate on an inappropriate level. Next time you launch a campaign shaming your competitor, keep it above the belt.

And no, I do not work for any of these companies.

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