DHL: Maze

In this gigantic three-dimensional billboard measuring 7 x 5 metres, located directly in front of Schiphol Airport's main entrance, a small ball rolls from point A to B via the shortest route. At the end of its journey, the ball is transported via an invisible conveyor belt within the billboard back to the top to begin the same journey again, along the same route. Again and again; always the right way.The target audience is business travellers at Schiphol Airport, where 11 million people pass through each year.

Agency: Ogilvy, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director: Carl Le Blond
Copywriter: Edsard Schutte
Art Director: Jan-Willem Smits
Production: Armada Signs
Photo: Arno Bosma


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hot. a little convoluted, but hot.

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maze? again??

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Bloody nice.

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how can the clouds remain the same in all the shots?

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Maybe it's a slow windless day.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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No scam. The billboard has been hanging for a whole year in Amsterdam.

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i like it

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Love it. However, they say it's aimed at business travellers and there was me thinking that visitors to Amsterdam go there for other reasons!

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Thats a bit narrow minded isn't it? Amsterdam is a very booming city ar various aspects of buisiness. O yeah well...holland is known for the cannabis policy. But to think that everybody landing on an airpot there is a potential drug addict/smuggler.

(sorry, I think you meant that as a joke. I'm getting frustrated by the image we've gotten. I heard the same remakr 3 times this weekend about drugs and The Netherlands. I the fashion of: Holland? Whats to do there? except for weed.)

again sorry :)

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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No, I'm sorry. I meant it completely as a joke. I have friends and family in the Netherlands, mostly around Amsterdam and Ede. It's a great place.

I didn't mean to cause offence.

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Well done
Viral and Buzz Marketing
(check this out ! No text, Just Cool Creative Ads)

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very nice

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F* I just can't see any more labyrinths.

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ok, so they made it.

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Nice idea... Hey, they should have the dot get lost and drop parcels off at the wrong places, and stop for donuts everywhere. Ha ha just kidding.

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Simply Nice!

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Corona Raymaker
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Does anybody know what such stuff costs?
I want one, too. ^^

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LoVELY! Maybe they shud have UPS or FedEx balls stucked in some dead end.

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