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i love the show but this is crap. there could have been so much more done for this client yet they come up with the most obvious and boring stuff.

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Frits Harkema
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I love Dexter with his lab and his big glasses. But he could never kill somebody, or could he? I think this is damaging to the good name of Dexter. Dexter is innocent!

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Jet Lee
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Haha. They're not referring to the lab Dexter but Dexter Morgan, the serial killer who only hunts down serial killers.
Great show but this campaign does not reflect that.
Dexter never leaves his victim's body lying around on the street like that.
I wonder if they watched the show first before they came up with this campaign.

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They have done much more for this client. Check out the dexter viral at www.icetruck.tv.

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the press kit is cool and really about the series

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