joalguvi's picture
54 pencils

nobody would ckeck a dirty napkin c'mon

Matt Sniper's picture
Matt Sniper
12 pencils

It depends if you are a pretty or crap woman. I like the idea. It's funny.

adcook's picture
156 pencils

This idea, like the dirty napkins - belong in the rubbish bin. BAD BAD SCAM.

Tinglow's picture
614 pencils

What has a lip-stick mark got to do with Detective Smith? One of the crappiest ambient ads i've ever seen. and also the most ineffective.

comAd's picture
162 pencils

Come on people.

alegna's picture
59 pencils

i guess no one will check out the used napkin...
its not effective

pretty good's picture
pretty good
364 pencils

Don't even get what it's trying to say.

Turibio's picture
16 pencils

It's too retarded. Detective Smith? What kind of name is that?

Drew Ovard's picture
Drew Ovard
28 pencils

I don't think anyone would believe this for a second. How were the napkins put in bars and not taken away as garbage by waiters and cleaning people? I'd hate to see this getting any awards because it's the worst kind of thing our industry has been putting out lately.

Duckman's picture
520 pencils

Lipstick or not, its a used/dirty napkin.

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

wolfson's picture
89 pencils

vai estudar


luisrivera11's picture
469 pencils

if the napkin look clean the people will open it

monicamexico's picture
830 pencils

I'd never pick up someone else's used napkin and open it. Gross!

Sir Muddy Waters's picture
Sir Muddy Waters
18 pencils

It seems the guy who created that crap is cleaning his ass with the ads that he does.

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