Denver Museum of Nature and Science: Titanic Exhibit

To promote the much anticipated Titanic Exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, life preservers were placed on the statues in the and around the city of Denver, Colorado.

Advertising Agency: Carmichael Lynch, USA
Executive Creative Director: Andrew Clarke
Copywriters: Tim Gillingham, Ellie Anderson
Art Director: Antonio Bonafacio
Photographer: Nick Vedros


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A good idea but the life jacket reference is a little disrespectful to both the 1,517 who perished with the Titanic and the legacy of the persons and events that have been enshrined in the statues.

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yes, i'm sure all of the paper boys of denver are outraged.

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I think Leonardo Decaprio's performance was more insulting...

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is it just me or is does the blue standee look fake?

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Nah, just looks badly made

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I tell you what, Blahg. If you get me the cell numbers of those 1517 people, I'll apologise to each and every one of them.

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Would you consider it bad taste if I ran an ambient campaign for a World Trade Centre bombing exhibition by putting unopened parachutes on popular statues around town? What about a campaign for a London Bombing exhibit with messages left on packages in subways? Bad taste? How many years do you think it will be before doing something like that will be acceptable culturally even considered clever communication, one hundred?

I'm from Halifax, where many of these 1,517 people, especially hundreds of lower class passengers who were left to die, are buried in well cared for graves, in a very large cemetery downtown. If you want to call them simply visit the city. It will save on long distance because you'll find most of them in the same place.

While the people of Denver might not find this culturally offensive because they have little connection themselves to the tragedy, the people whose artifacts are appearing in the exhibition on loan may.

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now, now blahg. let's not get bent out of shape here. it's just an advertising campaign for a museum that's trying to keep my spirit alive.

hi, i'm the ghost of john jacob astor iv

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