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I did the same idea in a bus floor, for a surfer shop.

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Link please...

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yeah, yours (bus stop) is better, because it's less stable (u need to balance)

i have that too for a yacht. (with the sail handle for the pole).


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Me pareció excelente pero si "Silvi" ya lo hizo entónces no es creativa. Felicitaciones para ti Silvi

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ejem… yo tb quiero felicitar a silvi. silvi, te felicito.

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zzzzzzzzz nothing new, since this is done

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Honest Dave
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Nothing says extreme sport like moving walkways.

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Not a bad idea but like Silvi already said, it would work better on a bus or something similar seeing you actually would have to try to stand straight just like real surfing. This seems a bit passive.

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headoffice Comm...
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I like the idea. have scope for get attention.

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Look mom! It's just like I am on a real fake surfboard, on an escalator, in a mall, with no waves, really slow! Can I have one, please, please, pretty please!

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Jaap Grolleman
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why bother with the small copy on the board? i dont think people will be able to read it... lol

but apart from that, nice =)

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i like the idea but the placement would been better if it had been placed somewhere so as to justify the surfing as an adventure sport.

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Nice idea. Surf is not just stay stand at the board, it is moving too. The bus is harder to stay still, here you have the moviment. Here would be nicier if they would put a big wave on the wall on the right side giving you the tube sensaton. Anywany, nice idea! Go Tony... go!

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surfs up!

Stop Mediocrity. Start Creativity.
There are two kinds of people in the world; people who like mustangs (cool people) and people who like camaros (idiots).

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silvi, creo que tu idea es mejor and make more sense..Siempre cojo la guagua y me parece q estoy surfeando(porque en realidad hago surf). Tu idea mucho mas interesante q la típica escalera mecánica..Congrats

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Eso no me trasmite la sensacion de montarse en una tabla de surf y para correr una masa de agua!

SURFERS NEVER DIE!!!! alohaaaaaaaaa!!!

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Is it possible to do printing/ sticker, etc onto escalator? I mean, technical is not possible, the last I've checked.

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willy wonka
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nothing new

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i love this very nce

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