David Suzuki: The Tideline Project

Global warming is closer than you think.

Hundreds of mussels from the city’s ocean were recycled from local restaurants to create tidelines in the downtown core. These tidelines served as both a reminder and warning.

Advertising Agency: Spring, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Rob Schlyecher
Art Directors: James Filbry, Jeremy Grice, Shon Tanner
Copywriter: Jessica Mori
Photographer: Jeremy Grice
Published: July 2010


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Me encantó la bajada!!!

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Roger Keynes
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Yes. Yes. Frikkin' YES.

Beautiful thinking.

This is why we love this job.


The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Smart one! Well done guys

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Jaap Grolleman
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First part was boring. We know all that. But good idea =) Lovely. And kudos for the work put into this.

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nice idea.... and i agree with www.jackmancer.com : "And kudos for the work put into this."

Simple ideas are the best !

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Sushi lover
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very nice idea

Dream needs to be big!

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If only people weren’t laughing at it and walk away.

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very nice

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Nothing original about this idea. its just the execution.

There have been enough Press advertising on this idea.
There was an ambient idea too with 'Danger mark' of the water level painted on things in the city like lamp posts, walls, doors etc.

Good try though.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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nice thinking! very direct execution of raising awareness.

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it's so touching...!!!!!!

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Johnny on the spot
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Must have been hard work. Great job

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Miss Copywriter 22
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verrry nice

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Are you guys serious? You like this idea? Oh sure..after somebody explains it to you thern you understand it. Mussels on a pole? I wouldn't even think global warming. Maybe high-tide, low-tide...but probably not even that. It looks like mold or garbage or a rotting piece of lumber to me. If someone has to explain something to you in order for you to get it then it fails.

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Thank you Guest your mother must be proud...

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Global warming is a hoax.

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Well . its just an execution of
something we know.

that does not activate or touches
annyone, as seen in the movie.

It does not awnser the question
asked in the beginning. WHAT

looks good for a home made prop.

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