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I think this is a great ad. I think that it's fun and it definitely speaks to the target. I like it. It's really simple. Simple is good. It's a really quick get.

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sure the bronx zoo has animals. any zoo for that matter has animals. these ads don't give me an idea of the experience i'll have there.

in simpler terms, where's my motivation to go?

it's like doing an ad for the library and letting people know they have books. gee thanks.

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often times we take for granted our parks, libraries and, yes, zoos. this is a good reminder to visit the zoo. :)

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I don't think about that... it's purely about creating brand awareness for the Bronx Zoo. Using visual cues throughout the Bronx itself is brilliant. Well done.

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Feels a bit stolen from the nice Adi-Colour (Adidas) posters they did a year ago or so..
sadly the zebra only works when you stand on a specific point in front of it.

BUT they are still very nice and make you smile.

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I love them! But I am speaking from the perspective of a mother. I know my 6-year-old would flip over these ads.

I think they're very effective.

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The cutout posters have been used severall times. Every time is for a different product or brand, but the graphic resource is always the same.

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feels familiar but still very nice work.

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Michal Zak

simplicity rocks!

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trans galactic
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truly nice man.........

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Very nice and simple.

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Corner Store
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Great idea.

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Guest1 is definetly a servicing person.

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done before....pity

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