CTT Expresso: Commitment

We deliver. See it for yourself.

To gain consumers trust, a special outdoor campaign was put together. Along the streets of different cities all over the country, special outdoors were adapted and transformed to host real objects that were paired with regular posters with clear indications of what they were, where they came from, where they were going to and when they would get there (always from one city to another and overnight) and what would be taking their places on the following day. A unique operation was put together for all these outdoors to be changed every single day to display the perfect exchange of all these objects and the perfect timing of all the deliveries so that it could then be witnessed by everyone as CTT Expresso transported all of them from one outdoor to another, throughout the whole country for weeks. Anyone could also check online at compromisso.com.pt, through live videos and pictures, that the objects really were reaching their destinations in other cities. A basic “product demo” done in an innovative way.

Advertising Agency: Fischer Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Director: Diogo Mello
Art Director: Marco Martins
Copywriter: Rafael Pitanguy
Photographer: Quioto – Paulo Segadães
Account Manager: Marcella Silveira
Planner: Marcio Beauclair
Director: Quioto – Mario Patrocinio
Art Buyer: Sonia Saldanha
TV Producer: Cesar Monteiro
Published: December 2009


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This is great.

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man this is good stuff....

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6312 pencils

Indeed, this is convincing.

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J'attends un colis envoyé de FUNCHAL - MADEIRA LE 6 MAI à destination de TRAVES (70) en FRANCE et qui n'est toujours pas arrivé à ce jour du 1er Juin 2010.

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"Demande à ton frère à Traves.... il as tout mangé les chocolats de Funchal à ton intention:-)....pas Joly, Joly!!!!!".... for this campaign i love the idea and the work done by the client.

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