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Throw them outta orbit, the whole lot of them... But keep the agency as a breeding ground, an animal breeding ground...

Who turned the world upside down?

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Don't be mean. It's not constructive. :)

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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brilliant work

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I must be missing something ?

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fala fulani
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Done but also well done. Its another great twist in the tale.

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I had to look at more than one piece to understand these.
They are not that easy to connect.

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chintan ruparel
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freak...me and a friend did the exact same idea for our book, but that was print, so wasn't working. works well here..hell!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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chintan ruparel
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here it is...


wish we would've done it as ambient...

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Student did this a while back from VCU or miami, dont remember.

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spec much?

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It doesn't work. There's no relevance between the toothpaste and what it's been put on.

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this is a brilliant idea but i have to say it works better in the case of the metro/underground execution.

the connection seems pretty obvious to me. especially when you consider that our teeth get yellow when we don't brush them....

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totally agree with that last comment: works best in metro because the other tiles are also white, only less 'fresh'

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