Corelle / World Kitchen: Vending Machine

Chip-Resistant Dinnerware

Through implementing custom made vending machines placed in targeted areas, we grabbed the attention of passersby and delivered the USP of chip-resistant dinnerware. Finally it became an innovative and unique sales channel.

Advertising Agency: Grey, China
Executive Creative Directors: Chee Guan Yue, Attlee Ku
Creative Directors: Chee Guan Yue, Attlee Ku, Rocky Hao
Art Directors: Marx Zhu, David Yang, Kevin Ji
Copywriters: Rocky Hao, Celia Zhang
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Nanny Tang
Account Supervisor: Janet Shao
Photographer: Wang Feng

June, 2011


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albino zebra
8 pencils

© Anger release vending machine (from Yarisal and Kublitz)

simonsays's picture
332 pencils

I don't see th ©, as this is not art, but a good way to use the artist's concept for their product, with opposite results.

Very clever, good ad

CommandZ's picture
2498 pencils

Great way to bring the USP to life!

sakshi.89mahajan's picture
88 pencils

soooperb !!!

purshotham's picture
457 pencils

Great idea...for this kind of USP...

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