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I don't think it's very nice to advertise weeing on your childrens kness like that

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dshott has a point. once the page is turned, you just have a figure in a dress with an unusual appendage protruding from its waist. it's also not very nice to use the term 'invalid' nowadays.

i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do here. help differently abled people? some might take offense, which is to say, they might see an offer of help as condescending.

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How funny the left page ( #40) is the same in the 3 versions of the ad...

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yes, page is the same. we got it the first time you wrote it. but this doesn't downgrade the idea.

this is really strong stuff. I like it a lot.

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Would you tell me what the "Conto Barriers" is?

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it's catering service for movie stars. isn't it obvious?

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