Consol Energy: Coal Flag, Escalator

America would have 50% less electricity if our coal miners didn't make this trip every day.
Consol Energy
America's On Switch.

Agency: Blattner Brunner, Pittsburgh, USA
GCD: Jay Giesen
GCD/Copywriter: Dave Kwasnick
Art director: Shawn Smith, Rick Bryson
Copywriters: Kevin Corfield, Jill Beloma
Photography: R.J. Muña, San Francisco
Director/Prod. Co.: Jim Lima/Zoic Studios, Culver City, California
Released: October 2006


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"Sucks" Great comment. Really beneficial. Can we see your work?

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American would have a lot more electricity if they'd stop wasting them.

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That's true for all of us.

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one sees that you have been time in this good graphical good idea I congratulations

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shrinked virus
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great idea, great use of ambience. love it

whitespace, you can take your complaints to the board instead, not here.

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A great ad for a not so great product. (Too much CO2)

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me thinks
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Great Ads ^ . ^

i hope people aware about this.

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