Conservation International: Ice Made Animals

Photographer:Diego Almanza

Advertising Agency: DDB/Key People Colombia
Creative Director: Edvan Antunes
Art Director: Diego Almanza
Copywriter: Alejandro Serrano
Ice Sculptor: Jeison Sosa

March, 2008


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Nice. Why no one thought of this before? Or have I missed it?
Anyway, the bear looks like it's wearing a bikini bottom.


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Someone HAS already thought of it and made enormous headlines all over the ad community. EXACTLY the same thing, I might add... (Actually, their polar bear looked pretty real.)

O&M/Beijing for WWF. Who knew?!!

Obviously not these guys... : (

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Neil Levy
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neil levy
this is a great idea. my only ding is i think that line makes me feel a little guilty (and i'm not sure you have to do that to be effective) but it's smart. so it's a tiny, tiny ding. truth is, i feel as though you've hit on an idea that could make for a lovely book. part art/part social action. you could shoot the animals (or have a famous artist help you like andy goldsworthy or someone big name) and then sell the book and try to use the proceeds to fight global warming. maybe buy a forest or something to cool the earty. that's what makes me think this is a great idea it seems like it has other extensions. or maybe i'm nuts about the book part. either way, nice job.

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Crisp One
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we get it, it melts, its a metaphor, next idea please.

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its been done before and in a better way by gatorade. an ice sculpture of a footy player. good effort though

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Alistair C.
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colombia is on the otherside of the earth compared to china, so even if the idea was done, it doesn't really matter. the campaign is for the public, not for a few creatives that visit this and similar websites.

don't get locked in your ivory towers.

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Probably you don't get the idea of the WWF Polar Bear. The sculpture stunt was done during winter (unlike the Bogota thingy) and since it's a warmer than usual winter, this dramatized the climate warming issue.

In the Bogota case, it's done in a warmer season as you've got guys in t-shirt, for sure the ice sculptures are going to melt!

Looking at the Bogota stunt, it was done at the seven of the main and most visited public park in Bogota. I doubt so. It doesn't seem so in the visual! I mean, public service communications are suppose to be effective and really touches the people....but where is the people (as you've said?). The Bogota stunt looked lame and very much ineffective in bringing across the awareness.

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"fight coldness"?

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this was done before, not only in china, in brazil also and ¿now in Colombia?. too much coincidence

brazilian execution-

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done before for some eco-friendly car too. can't remember which one exactly

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this really touch me!! very good

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Nice, very good idea. It would be like there´s not enough figures to complete the idea, the picture. It seems like two "ices" are so shy onstage.

God help us

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George Silva
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Educative idea simple and creative

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Thanks everyone for the good comments, and many many many thanks for the "other" comments!

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Nooooooooooooo Almanza, que quiere ganarse cannes con un copy paste!!!! nooooooo!!!

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All ears
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It's a nice and clear message. Animals are going to disappear due to the problem we are causing. Don't care who thought of it first it's the first I've seen of it and I think it's nice. Certainly better than most of the rubbish I've seen on here.

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Yeah, I agree with you, but I think the china ad is more better than this one. La que se hizo en china es muchisimo mejor que esta.

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esta chevre, pero me parece haber visto una similar.

[ ]

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George Silva
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Santos Dumont created the airplane simultaneously with the Wright Brothers who lived in the United States. At this time copied work didn’t exist. It was a creative coincidence. I doubt that good professionals copy pieces from other countries and upload them on recognized sites such as this one. Creative coincidences do exist. The good thing about this initiative is that people become conscious because the planet is very deteriorated.

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Claro George Silva, las coincidencias existen, pones de ejemplo cuando se crearon los aviones, pero recuerda que en aquella epoca no se tenian acceso a informacion y data del resto de gente como existe hoy. Por eso si mas de dos agencias crean una misma idea, ya como que la coincidencia esta en tela de duda.

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George Silva y 17 tienen ambos la razón, desafortunadamente no habíamos visto pieza parecida en ningún lado, ni en Internet ni en anuario alguno.

Si habían piezas parecidas tanto en concepto como en ejecución, pero lastimosamente nos dimos cuenta a través de los links que la gente posteó en esta página.

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que bueno aceptar no un error, sino una coincidencia. La valentia de admitir las cosas en esta epoca escasea, que bueno que aun quede gente valiente.

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ricardo triana
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I like the melting animals concept. I´ve never seen anything like it before. But it is much better than the singing trio with the KISS makeup(if we are talking about copycats). But actually is an effort to creatte awareness right?? China, Colombia, LA, NYC, whatever, global warming is happening everywhere.

I´m not sure about one thing, the black background. I think I would of worked with another thing, to be a little bit more dramatic??

I don´t know, good piece though.

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