Conselho Nacional Do Sesi: The World's Biggest Hug

In Brazil, thousands of children and teenagers are victims of sexual abuse. To raise public awareness on the issue and increase the number of complaints, the True Affection campaign has been launched. And a symbol was chosen to demonstrate people´s engagement: A HUG. Several Brazilian artists have joined the campaign and given their hugs. But we needed an even bigger impact to get people´s attention. We decided to think big. To give this hug we chose the greatest monument of Brazil, one of the seven wonders of the modern world: Christ the Redeemer, at Rio de Janeiro. For two days, the statue´s lights were turned off. Using map projections we have created the illusion that Christ was closing its arms.

Advertising Agency: Monumenta, Brazil
Creative Directors: Carlos Grillo, Raphael Pontual, Frank Engelbert
Art Directors: Cloves Menezes, Glauber Dorotheu
Copywriter: Paula Cunha
Planner: Fernando Torres
Account Manager: Martha Leticia Ferreira
Account Supervisor: Livia De França
Producers: Rosely Youssef, Daniela Hemesath
Published: August 2010


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Love it. A nice fresh approach to the whole mapped projection tactic on a grand scale. Bravo, Brasil bem-feito!

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The idea and execution of this are very cool. By the tone of your video and its music, however, you seem less concerned about helping victims of sexual abuse, and more concerned with how epic you think your Jesus hug is. Makes me wonder about your motivations.

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I loved the idea, but I can see where you are going.

dbor's picture
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And, how many children were saved after that?

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The execution is really great. As for the result, I don't think it's possible to count the kids saved after this campaign. Anyway, the campaign drew more attention to the problem, and that's important too.

velle's picture
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o christ this is awesome. this is what digital projections should be doing.

olarreaga's picture
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Awsome buzz, great execution.

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