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November 2008

Ambient advertisment created by Publicis, India for Combiflam, within the category: Pharmaceutical.

Conquer pain.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Emmanuel Upputuru, Vivek Nayyar, Vinay Kumari
Art Director / Copywriter: Satyen Parab
Illustrator: Devendra Chavan
Photographer: Amogh Thakur

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Activity Score 116

Would it work better if printed on smaller paper? From the photo, it looks like the pin is small enough to ignore. The eye rests on the centre of the back. Since the presence of the pin is the whole point (pardon the pun) of the ad, it should be impossible to miss.

Also, what's the deal with the pin in the photo, it's nearly horizontal and casts a shadow in a different direction than the light it's reflecting. 'Shopped in or what?

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Activity Score 91

Definately shopped. It feels forced. When I have backpain it's usually not localized to an area the size of a pin-head. And the fact that the pin is so far away from the logo breaks the connection. The pin is too common of an object used to hold up a poster to be used as a sign of pain.

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would be great for an acupuncture clinic.

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A WAY better client for this fake work, for sure.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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"The pin connoted pain and drove home the point that with Combiflam you conquer pain."

...Is there a certain link i'm missing? What's the point??
Where i came from, my client will definitely reject this. =/