CoffeeCompany: Wifi, 1

Advertising Agency: THEY
Technology Partner: X/OS

The company wanted to attract more students. So it installed WiFi in some of its stores near universities.

The problem is, lots of students just come into the store for the WiFi but hardly look at the menu. So THEY and CoffeeCompany decided to move the store's menu into the WiFi menu of customers' laptops.

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Yeah, we all know new and unique ideas are going to get ripped off. That's no surprise. I don't know who did it first, but what never ceases to amaze me is that these copycats have the nerve to send it in to sites like AOTW where EVERYONE knows that you didn't do it first, and we'll all eventually know exactly where you pinched the idea from. Blows me away!

"I have a screen name because not having one is for pussies."

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Since we had the idea this summer we presented to the client and rushed to have the company-wide system set up and running for the beginning of the school year. Earlier this fall we sent this idea to Ads of the World and AdCritic and all the usual places. In the meantime, we were very lucky to win an Epica and even better, get covered by a bunch of pubs including The New York Times and The Guardian UK. Only then, after sitting on it for two months, did AdsOfTheWorld finally decide the idea was worth posting. I got nothing bad to say about JvM or LLR or any other agency that had similar ideas. I don't believe they copied us. And I know we didn't copy them. I think it was just of those ideas that was in the air this year. So now, I'm gonna stop writing this, and rather get to work on a 2009 idea. THEY wish you good luck in the new year.

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Now it's done by three different agencys in 2008:

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Q bueno q existan personas cazando a los copiones.
Saludos Mezzo & Eightball.

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who cares what an SSID is named?

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This Coffee Company Wifi thing is different and smarter than the german wings and sixt wifi ideas, which came out around the same time. Plus it already got awarded

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